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Additional Gym Member Benefits

You will never find a stronger team of fitness professionals who want you to succeed at your fitness goals. All of our trainers believe in giving you the opportunity to succeed. They provide every tool possible to help you succeed in embracing your power. In the topics below, our team gives you professional advice to help you succeed in all areas of fitness. These sections of our website are provided to you free with your membership. Members please log in now to take advantage.


Our Trainers will pick a topic each month that will assist you in meeting your nutrition needs. It will also include meal and snack ideas, do’s and dont’s of nutrition, and many other tools that will help you succeed.

Your Trainers: Karen Geninatti, Karon D’Anna & Brett Clark

Fitness Classes

What classes are right for you? What do classes look like? How do classes benefit you? In this section, our team of trainers will answer all of your questions, giving you the opportunity to get the most from your workout in every class.

Your Trainers: Tara Jasent, Marci Sepanski & Jennifer Bright

Youth Sports Enhancement

Our trainers want to be sure that your child learns the basics first. Then, build on the basics to take them to the “next level”. We want athletes to excel to their full potential without injury.

Your Trainers: Cody Kother, Lex Bitner & Eric Maney

Functional Training

Are you making sure you include Functional Training in your workout? Functional training utilizes exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. Functional training involves mainly weight bearing activities targeted at core muscles of the abdomen and lower back. Our trainers will teach you why Functional Training is important to incorporate in your fitness routine and give you the tools to do so!

Your Trainers: Mallory Darnell, Brett Clark & Marsha Funneman

PowerMoves & Workout of the Month

Are you ready to take it to the next level? Our trainers will help you by breaking down power moves to be sure you are doing these correctly. Plus, they will give you a Power workout for the month that will challenge you at PowerWorks Fitness.

Your Trainers: Nina Lindhorst & Cody Kother

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